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Welcome to Two Happy Hands! This business was born from a labor of love and teaching sign language has become a true passion that we love to share. 


Lesley Reed-Rodgers

I was born in FL, been in the Ft.Myers/Cape Coral area since I was a young child. I have two amazing daughters. My youngest was born with various medical issues and one was limited verbal abilities. I was already teaching her sign language before discovering her condition. I wanted her to be fluent in sign but there was no one locally that could help teach an infant. I went back to school and learned how to utilize sign language when teaching children specifically. I am now a certified Master Instructor through the Signing Time Academy.

I am proud to offer an array of services to help you learn this amazing language and help you implement ASL into your daily life.


Caryn Davis-Soto

My first experience with sign language was in a high school with a large Deaf and HOH population. There was a girl on my soccer team and I was the only one who could even remotely communicate with her. That's when I became motivated to learn as much as I could. Now, years later I am a wife and mother with three children. My Oldest is HOH, I signed with him prior to suspecting he had any hearing problems. I signed with all of my children before they could speak because of the great benefits. I have a niece who is Deaf and knowing my children can communicate with her while becoming fluent in another language is a huge bonus. I am pleased to be able to continue my life long passion of working with children and combine it with teaching sign language. I look forward to working with you!


We work with all ages and abilities!


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In The


Sign Language and Autism

How using Signing Time helped me to get to know my autistic son.  

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For parents, caregivers and teachers. Please read...


Learning ABC's and reinforcing core curriculum.

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2HH Studio in Marina Town Yacht Harbor

3440 Marinatown Lane, unit 201 NFM, FL 33903.

Find us at the top of the green stairs!  



We teach IN HOME classes as well! Ask for more information!




Home schools

Mom groups

Play dates

Birthday parties


Home Daycares

Pregnancy groups

Mom & Me


Senior Homes

Host a Signing Time Home party!


Earn FREE and Discounted products by simply inviting your friends over to learn a few fun signs and check out our products!

Signing Fun

Birthday Party!!!

​I come to your party, teach relevant birthday and theme signs, bring favors, handi-craft AND a special gift for the guest of honor!

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