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ASL Signs Taught: Hungry - Apple - Cookie - Cereal - Banana - Bread - Cheese - Cracker - Ice Cream - Candy - Help - Full - Hot - Cold - Dry - Wet - Like - Don't Like - Day - Sun - Night - Moon - Stars - Happy - Laugh - Sad - Cry - Boy - Girl.

These flash cards are designed to reinforce all the American Sign Language signs taught in Signing Time Volume 3: Everyday Signs, but can also be used alone.

Flash Card Set 3: Everyday Signs

  • Take your friends Alex, Leah, Hopkins, and Rachel with you wherever you go!

    Beautiful full-color photographs of Rachel, Alex, or Leah signing each word, colorful illustrations, and simple sign descriptions will keep you and your little one entertained as you continue to build your ASL vocabulary and develop word recognition through this easy-to-use format.

    Cards come with a pre-drilled hole and a plastic yellow D-ring for easy carrying. The heavy duty, non-toxic plastic clip is great for clipping the cards to the diaper bag so you can use them anywhere: in the car, in line at the grocery store, or for easy reference for the babysitter or daycare provider. Cards will also fit in any standard 4x6 photo album (not included) for easy reference. Also included are fun card game ideas and a special bonus Signing Time collector card! 21 cards total. Printed on thick 4"x 6" UV coated card stock. Includes 1 non-toxic plastic D-ring clip. NOTE: Flash cards are intended for use only with close adult supervision. They are not toys.
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