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Scholarship application


My goal is to bring sign language into as many homes as possible. There are many children with disabilities that could greatly benefit from our sign language classes. If you would like to apply for a scholarship for a child in your care please provide us with the information below. You can email me at If chosen it will be your responsibility to get the child to weekly classes and to work with them at home to make sure they are getting the most from our sessions. Your child's needs and abilities will be addressed at our first session and then a 12-week curriculum will be designed to help them achieve goals that we will set. I happily will work with your SLP so that it is a team effort. Scholarships will be offered, as the funds are available.


I need the following to submit your application:


Your name

Email/phone number

Best way to contact you

Childs name

Childs age

Medical conditions

Under the care of an SLP Y/N

Hearing-impaired Y/N

A brief summary of why you would like signing classes for your child.


There are several fundraisers in the works to jump-start our scholarship campaign while we wait for grant money. If you know someone who would like to help or make a contribution please let us know. I can also help you create a fundraising program and give you ideas so you can raise money for your own child if financial restrictions are keeping you from signing up. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.



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